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Legislative Lobbying

Over the years, the government’s view of the trucking industry has shifted with changing administrations, both in Pierre and Washington, D.C. The one constant for trucking industry members across the state is SDTA’s active role in representing industry concerns. The SDTA is involved at every level of government to create a more level playing field for the trucking industry.

SDTA member participation is essential for continued success at both the South Dakota Legislature as well as in Washington. The SDTA wants elected officials to directly hear from members, as your active involvement goes a long way in ensuring that issues facing the trucking industry remain at the forefront of elected officials.

Navigating Regulation

The SDTA staff is available to members’ compliance questions, as well as seek the advice and counsel of attorneys with expertise in various subject matter areas when needed.

The SDTA staff also keeps tabs on litigation and enforcement actions throughout the country that pose potential threats to SDTA members. If you have questions on any legal or regulatory matter, please contact:

Christine Erickson
South Dakota Trucking Association

State Information

Compliance articles/updates

Compliance and regulatory articles and updates are included in SDTA’s monthly publication the “Trucking News.

State resources include:

•   South Dakota Department of Revenue

•   Revenue Tax Facts

Federal Information

The regulations from the Administration’s executive agencies touch every aspect of commerce. Fortunately, there are resources to help navigate Washington’s bureaucracy.

American Trucking Associations

Through our membership in the American Trucking Associations, SDTA provides updates and representation with:

          The Federal Trade Commission

          Department of Transportation

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