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Endorsed Partners

At RAS, we are the premier risk management advisor and leading writer of workers' compensation insurance in the region. Our unparalleled commitment to workplace safety has made us the top writer of workers' compensation in South Dakota and the approved insurer of the SDTA. 

Headquartered in Sioux Falls, SD, with offices in Eagan, MN; Las Vegas, NV; and Omaha, NE, we are a locally owned company with an A- rating by A.M. Best. We offer much more than just insurance; we provide invaluable resources and support to help companies protect their employees and create safer workplaces. Our loss mitigation and workplace safety programs help vulnerable individuals get the support they need when they need it most. With RAS, you can be confident that you are getting the best risk management and workplace safety solutions. 

Rick Johnson

Phone: 800.732.1486

Email: rick.johnson@rascompanies.com

We’re not only providing the best fiber connection—we’re also meeting the growing needs for how you live.

As part of your community, we understand the importance of staying connected, transparency, and quality service—whether you’re running a local business or watching a movie with the family at home. That’s why we’re building Bluepeak for you: Faster, more reliable, and without the things that get in the way of great service—like red tape, hidden fees, and slow response times. With up to 5 gigabits of speed for residences and 10 gigabits of speed for businesses, you’ll never have to worry about service disruptions keeping you from what you love most.

Phone: (605) 306-5540

Email: sandra.maylor@mybluepeak.com

Colonial Life was a pioneer in the past and is now a leader of the present. With progress like this,3  the future is looking brighter every day.

  • 75+ years of growth
  • An industry-leading portfolio with over 50 product offerings
  • Nearly $1.5 billion in premiums
  • More than 90,000 client organizations
  • More than 3.7 million policyholders and dependents
Satisfaction builds confidence

There's only one way to earn a good reputation in this business: provide service so great, people can't help but talk about it. Here's what they're saying.

  • Brokers: 91% are likely to recommend Colonial Life, and 92% say we're competitively priced.4
  • Employers: 95% intend to continue offering our products.5
  • Employees: 95% are satisfied with the overall handling of their claim.6

Phone: (203) 666-5560

Email: harris.may@coloniallifesales.com

The South Dakota Trucking Association is excited to announce a partnership with Pro Resources, a company that provides big company HR services on a small business budget. We'll be in touch with more information, but for now, this is what you need to know. 

What this means for you:  

Pro Resources will be your one-stop-shop for all things HR, including: 

  1. Access to new benefits
    All benefits will be provided through Pro Resources, including 401k plans, life insurance, voluntary dental plans, employee discount programs, supplemental insurance products, and short-term disability plans. 
  2. Streamlined payroll 
    Pro Resources will be handling payroll moving forward to ensure everything is handled correctly and on time. 
  3. Access to an HR professional 
    Whether it's about benefits, training, worker's comp, or anything related to HR, you'll have direct access to a professional who can help. 
  4. And more 
    Pro Resources offers wellness programs, workplace safety training, onboarding, and more to ensure you have everything you need to be successful. 

Phone: 605.403.5276

Email: jboutwell@proresourceshr.com

At SambaSafety, we are on a mission to empower individuals, businesses, and communities with the tools they need to ensure safer roads and inspire confidence in every journey. Through our innovative driver monitoring software, we harness the power of data insight to reduce risks and promote a culture of accountability.

Stavros Peterson

Email: speterson@sambasafety.com

Strategic Value Media (SVM), a subsidiary of PSP Sports, was created to meet the growing advertising needs of trade and industry associations. With over two decades of experience, our sales force has successfully generated substantial advertising revenue for clients nationwide. Leveraging extensive industry contacts, we offer targeted advertising opportunities in both digital and print publications. SVM serves as a valuable source of non-dues revenue for associations. Explore how SVM can boost revenue for your association under the "Associations" menu.

Phone: (631) 794-1510

Email: sbreinberg@svmmedia.com

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