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Political Action Committee

Goal: $10,000.00
Collected: $0.00

Truckers like you are well aware of the every day impact legislation has on your business. Don't you want to know our local legislators have your best interests at mind? that's where the SDTA's Political Action Committee comes in. the PAC focuses on providing assistance to candidates who support South Dakota truckers and trucking companies by helping fund to their campaigns and providing the assistance needed to give them the best chance to get elected.

What is the SDTA PAC Focused On?

  • Securing the Future of the Trucking Industry
  • Sending a Strong Message to Politicians and Government Agencies
  • Making Political Involvement Easy
  • Standing for ALL Trucking Professionals 

The SDTA PAC needs your help!

There is a direct correlation between your donation amount and the presence of SDTA in legislature. Every dollar counts so please consider giving a contribution!

Donating to the SDTA PAC is easier than ever. you can choose to pay with your credit or debit card on our website and even set up recurring payments to continue your support throughout the year!


Candidates rely on contributions from PACs to wage successful political campaigns. The purpose of truck PAC is to help elect candidates to political offices in South Dakota. Clearly, to secure the future of the trucking industry in this state, we need to elect candidates that understand the issues that affect our industry while also understanding the economic impact that the trucking industry has on South Dakota.

Why Contribute?

Truck PAC is committed to doing everything, legally and ethically, to shape and support positive public policies for the trucking industry. Truck PAC's effectiveness depends on SDTA Members and their employees to understand how critical their financial support is to help elect candidates who will support our positions on the issues affecting our industry. Your donation goes directly towards bettering governmental support of the trucking industry.

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